"The painter is not necessarily someone inspired, but one capable of inspiring others."

Salvador Dali


San Persand lives in the beautiful city of Montreal. The city, with its medley of seasonal colours, cultures and legal traditions, has greatly inspired him as an artist and author. San Persand is a lawyer based in Montreal. He studied Law at McGill University to obtain Bachelor’s degrees in Civil Law and Common Law. He also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in International Environmental Law. When he left High School, his fascination for the functioning of the brain led him to enrol for Biological Sciences at the university, and he later became a marine environmental biologist. He is also a professional diver, passionate about ocean floors, who has worked for various United Nations projects.

San has always been exploring his trans-disciplinary ability of amalgamating his life experiences, passions and knowledge. He believes in the amazing capacity of the brain to blend all the information and knowledge contained therein to create extraordinary things. While some areas of the brain are endowed with the capacity to process complex information such as legal and scientific knowledge, other areas have the capacity to perceive forms and colours. Mixing the flow of information that emerges out of these different processing centres produces a particular state of mind that is worth exploring.

Since early childhood, San has always been exposed to different types of crafts and arts while spending time in his father’s workshop. His father was a gifted sculptor and artist who designed  and created unique handcrafted jewelries and ornaments in the late sixties. Among the people who showed appreciation for his work were Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the Duke of Edinburg, and the former Presidents of the French Republic: General Charles de Gaulle and Georges Pompidou.

San started exploring the virtues of watercolours, pastels and crayons at a very young age. He has also been working with wax, wood and cement. He has designed cage prototypes for underwater scientific experiments. Through all these years of exposure with different art mediums, he always had an affinity with acrylics on canvas.

San has always been inspired by everything around him, ranging from places he’s visited to his various fields of study. As a biologist, he has always been inspired by the beauty of nature, its landscapes and the depths of its oceans. He has traveled extensively, discovering the richness of different cultures, people and traditions of more than 30 countries. The omnipresence of art in his life and the practice of law have led him to his most recent passion—Legal Art.