Experience Law in Colour

The Legal Art Gallery is a unique art gallery dedicated to paintings inspired by the legal world. Legal Art is the work of a lawyer-artist who is passionate about both law and art. These paintings depict the legal world through semi-abstract art. Far from being purely abstract, Legal Art is a blend of concreteness and abstractness.

The semi-abstract painting of Legal Art can be compared to the panorama produced by a window opening into an unknown world and reflecting part of your brain that you have never explored before. Through this window you can contemplate this art with your own state of mind. Depending on your perception, you pink-paint-250-greeeey-brmight discover a world that is abstract and superficial, or one that is concrete and profound. There is a blending of law and art in between the layers of abstraction for you to discover.

Legal Art expresses more than beauty, feelings and intuition while displaying the absolute behind the abstraction. To fully contemplate these paintings you have to let your eyes penetrate the veil of abstraction to discover a legal world different from what you already know. This new world is simply a snapshot of the original legal world captured by the imagination of a lawyer-artist.

However, the legal world is too complex to penetrate with eyes alone. You have to make use of not only your senses, but your mind as well. You have to dive deep enough, leaving behind the beauty of the abstract surface, to experience the wonders of the legal abyss. Both the superficial and abyssal worlds are interconnected; it’s just a question of how deep you are ready to dive. Don’t dive in too fast or you might miss the beauty. Once submerged in this legal world, let yourself be guided by the clues on the canvas.

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