1457 CcQ Part II

The second paragraph of article 1457 states that:

Where he is endowed with reason and fails in this duty, he is responsible for any injury he causes to another person by such fault and is liable to reparation for the injury, whether it be bodily, moral or material in nature.

In simple terms, the above paragraph means that we are automatically responsible for the consequences of our actions and we have to repair them.

This second painting illustrates the fact that we are supposed to roll our way through life, without causing any disturbances. Breaking the law is like falling into a ditch that we have dug in our path. Once in the ditch, we are stuck. To continue on our way, we have to get out of the ditch. The only way to get out and keep rolling is by repairing the damage caused.

56 x 71 cm
Acrylic on Canvas

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